Provincial/Territorial Historical Thinking Projects

The purpose of this program is to encourage partnerships within provinces and territories to promote historical thinking in schools and other educational settings.

Successful applications entitle the applicants to use the logo and name [Province] Historical Thinking Project, and be listed on as a provincial/territorial project.  Successful applicants will be expected to submit annual activity and financial reports for the past year, and projections for the coming year as part of a renewal process. Applications may be sent to the Steering Committee, c/o Peter Seixas ( at any time with the following information:

Application information:

  1. Province
  2. Contact person (name and contact information)
  3. Partners (organizations and/or individuals, with professional affiliations and contact information)
  4. Governance structure (describe an executive committee and its relationship to the partners)
  5. Action plan (what activities are planned to be undertaken in the first year, including people responsible for each activity)
  6. Budget (including sources of funding)

Criteria for approval:

  1. A cross-section of provincial stake-holders in history education (e.g., individuals from ministries, districts, teachers’ associations, museums, historical societies, universities).
  2. A well-articulated and workable action plan.
  3. A clear and workable budget.