The Historical Thinking Project was directed by Professor Peter Seixas, at the University of British Columbia, and coordinated by Jill Colyer, an educator with 20 years experience with the Waterloo Region District School Board in Ontario and OISE (University of Toronto). As a non-profit educational initiative, it was funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage (Canadian Studies Program) and THEN/HiER.

The historical thinking framework promoted by The Historical Thinking Project revolves around six historical thinking concepts: historical significance, cause and consequence, historical perspective-taking, continuity and change, the use of primary source evidence, and the ethical dimension of history. These concepts have been integrated into the curriculum guidelines in a number of provinces and territories across Canada.

Our funding ended as of March 31, 2014. However, we are committed to maintaining:

Peter Seixas retired as Professor from the University of British Columbia at the end of June 2016, and assumed the position of Professor Emeritus.  A celebratory symposium and dinner were held on March 12, 2016.  For the program, presentations, video and photographs, click here.